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Annah Burt

About Annah

Annah Burt has been a familiar face around the barn for most of her life. She was one of Nick and Jessie’s first students in Oregon, starting lessons with them when she was 9 years old, only months after they started Donohue Horsemanship in Oregon. She purchased her first horse Romeo at 11 and pretty much cemented her place in the program.  From the very beginning, there was no question of her love or dedication for horses and quality horsemanship.  She did everything possible to get as much horse time as she could which opened up lots of opportunities for her around the ranch, from earning scholarships to clinics and interning on summer breaks.  From the very beginning, she never shied away from the hard work it takes to work with horses, and she continues to show up and put in the time every day.


She graduated from Montana State University spring of 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Equine Science. Her studies included colt-starting and teaching experience through the university’s colt-starting program, taught at the time by Reata Brannaman.  She was a student in the colt-starting program her sophomore year, in which she had two colts, Merada who was assigned to her at the start of class and Flaps who she took over later on.  Her Junior year, she was Teachers assistant for the colt-starting class in which she again had two colts to work with, Taxi and Dragon.  While away for College, she also was given the opportunity to spend a summer in Sheridan, WY interning with Reata gaining more experience and knowledge of working with young horses.


When Annah, left for College Nick told her that when she graduated if she wanted to come back and work here, we would love to have her. Since she moved back to Oregon in the fall of 2019 and began working for the Donohues, training horses, teaching lessons, and managing the day to day of the ranch she has done nothing be exceed our expectations.  We are happy to have her here as part of the Donohue Horsemanship team!