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Meghan Coffey

About Meghan

Meghan Coffey began riding as a student of Nick and Jessie’s as a high school student in 2007. While she was in college, she continued to ride as often as possible. Meghan graduated from Oregon State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition. Upon graduating from college, Meghan began a full time apprenticeship with Nick and Jessie, which she did for two years. During this time, Meghan rode horses, helped teach lessons, worked around the ranch, and learned everything she could about riding horses and running a ranch.


In December of 2014, when Nick and Jessie’s daughter was born, Meghan took over teaching all of Jessie’s lessons while Jessie was on maternity leave. In April, when Jessie returned to work, Nick and Jessie hired Meghan on as a permanent instructor within Donohue Horsemanship. Meghan teaches lessons a few days per week. She teaches primarily private lessons for new students, to prepare them for joining the group lessons with Nick and Jessie.


In her free time, Meghan enjoys riding her horse, cooking, hiking, and running.